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Bangladesh custom charge

Bangladesh custom charge

Bangladesh custom charge

All you need to know about custom charges and airport tax in Dhaka, Chittagong & Sylhet airport
Sending cargo to Bangladesh could be a real nightmare when you have to deal with the Bangladesh custom officers.
Custom officers are there help pay the correct taxes to the government of Bangladesh, but this is the not the hard part. The hardest part is to get it cleared in the airport itself. Custom charge in Bangladesh airport for foreign goods can be found below.

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All custom charges are based on Bangladesh Government list and how they calculate the tax on each and every item;

All below custom duty in Bangladesh airport including Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong.

Custom duties for sending TV to Bangladesh;

(1.) 18” to 21” Tk. 7,500/-
(2.) from 22” to 29” Tk. 15,000/-
(3.) from 30” to 36” Tk. 20,000/-
(4.) from 37” to 42” Tk. 30,000/-
(5.) from 43” to 46″ Tk. 50,00/-
(6.) from 47″ to 52″ Tk. 70,000/-
(7.)fro 53″ & above Tk. 1,00,000/-

Home & Kitchen appliances;

(8.) Speakers Component System (Music Center) (CD/VCD/DVD/LD/MD Set) Tk. 6,000/-
(9.) More than 04 (four) Speaker but not higher than 08 (eight) Speakers (Music Center)/Home Theatre with minitaiton of Speakers (10. D/VCD/DVD/LD/MD Set) Tk. 8,000/-

(11.) Refrigerator/Deep Freezer Tk. 8,000/-
(12.) Dish Washer/ Washing Machine/ Cloth Drier Tk. 7,000/-
(13.) Air Cooler/Air Conditioner (a) Window type Tk. 6,000/-
(14.) Split type Tk. 19,000/-
(15.) Oven: Gas Oven with Burner Tk.8,000/-
(16.) Dish Antenna Tk. 8,000/-
(17.) Gold bar or Bullion (Maximum 200gm) Tk. 150/- (per 11.664 gm)
(18.) Silver Bar or Bullion (Maximum 200gm) Tk. 6/- (per 11.664 gm) at most 20 kg.
(19.) HD Cam, DV Cam, BETA Cam & Professional as used as a Camera Tk. 15,000/-
(20.) Air Gun/Air Rifle Tk. 10,000/-
(21.) Candelabrum Tk. 300/- per point
(22.) Carpet up to 15 Square meter Tk. 300/- per Square meter.

Custom duty needs to be paid for all cargo to Bangladesh from the UK. This is a very strict rule for Bangladesh customs and can not be avoided in any circumstances.