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How much is it to send an lcd TV to Bangladesh?

How much is it to send an lcd TV to Bangladesh?

How much is it to send an lcd TV to Bangladesh?

Well that depends on size really...
Sending a TV to Bangladesh is something that SendCargo knows too well. We are experts in TV courier to Bangladesh and have the knowledge and expertise to get your TV delivered to Bangladesh safely. 
The price of a TV is based on the size, and the weight of the TV. Custom tax is the biggest factor when it comes to the prices to send TV to Bangladesh. Hence, we have come up with some package deals that will help you understand the charges without making it too complicated.
Visit the TV courier page today to find out all the rates for sending a TV to Bangladesh by Clicking here

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Do you have a TV that you would like to send as cargo to Bangladesh from UK?

At Send Cargo we specialise in sending cargo to Bangladesh from UK. This includes items such as TV’s which can vary drastically in terms of size and value. We understand that by choosing to send your TV as cargo to Bangladesh from UK you are placing your trust us in. We appreciate this trust and offer you an excellent service with amazing value for money. Our prices are guaranteed to be low and when you receive a quote this includes tax and all shipping costs. You know that the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. Send Cargo believe in up front and honest pricing so you will not be shocked by any hidden fees.

What types of TV’s can be sent as cargo to Bangladesh from UK?

With so many different types of TV available you need to make sure that your type can sent as cargo to Bangladesh from UK. There are some companies who have restrictions on what they can and cannot send. At Send Cargo we make it very simple – we will send any type and any size of TV as cargo to Bangladesh from UK. Whether you want to send a little portable old style TV or an 80 inch flatscreen TV, we have the expertise to know how to send them efficiently.

Send Cargo offer excellent customer service when you need to send a TV as cargo to Bangladesh from UK. You do not have to worry about packaging your TV or transporting it to us as we take care of all of that for you. We offer a local pick up service and so your TV will be collected from you. This is especially important if you have one of the larger types of TV as they often do not fit in a standard size car. Not only will your TV be collected from you but it will also be packaged. This will save you money as buying packaging big enough for one of the larger size TV’s can be expensive.

Once we have collected your TV and packaged it for you we will ensure that it complies with custom regulations that are in place when you send cargo to Bangladesh from UK. Making sure that a package complies with custom regulations is very important as if it does not there will be delays and the possibility that the TV would not arrive at all. As direct agents with Bangladesh Biman, Send Cargo are experts at ensuring that cargo is compliant and will reach it's destination on time.

What do you have to do next to send your TV?

No matter how big or small the TV you would like to send to Bangladesh is, Send Cargo have the right price and customer service to make the shipping hassle free.

All you need to do is following these simple steps and your TV will arrive in Bangladesh before you know it:

  • Get a quote online by visiting our TV page www.sendcargo.co.uk/tv

  • Book your delivery and shipping by calling 0207 4818181

  • Sit back and wait for the TV to be collected, packaged and shipped by Send Cargo

It really is that simple. There is no reason why you should delay sending your TV with Send Cargo.